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Revitalizing Your State's Special Needs Program: Five Tips

While you may have been involved in special needs education issues for some time, being tasked with the state program can present bigger challenges than you've experienced.  Children, parents and others rely on your ability to assess the current program and make the right changes. How can you revitalize your state's special needs program?

Get Feedback

Your first call should be to the county and district special needs program administrators. How do they feel the program is going? Do they have ideas about what could be changed to make the program even better? Getting feedback from those "in the field" across your state can not only provide ideas for changes, but can also give you a better understanding of the people you have working with you. 

You should also start seeking feedback from parents and students. Your state program is in place to serve them, after all; if they observe or experience flaws in the system, it's vital to know what they need. 

Check County Protocols

As you speak with county administrators, you can compare the way they administer program directives and spend program funds. Study the counties that have positive results and feedback, as their methods can be used in other parts of your state.

Look Outside Your State

You might consider looking outside your state for even more ways of serving your special needs community. Speaking with peers at your level in different states can be productive, not only for recommendations but support.

Examine Finances

Your state program is likely allocated money from the state's revenues. It's easy to spend money, but you must examine the program's expenditures to see whether money is being spent appropriately. You may need to make cuts or move money from one area to another. Consider having an accountant audit the program so you're sure you're working with a budget that's healthy.

Use Consultants

You may think your administration of the state program is going well, and it could be. However, special needs state program consulting could improve upon the job you're doing. Consultants have a depth of knowledge and a store of ideas that can revamp any state agency. Invite consultants to explore the program and make recommendations.

Your state's special needs citizens deserve a program that respects and serves them. With assistance, your stewardship of the state program can be successful and enrich the lives of those involved in this community. Contact a Special Needs Consulting Services for more help.

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